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Me (Lee) at Six Flags on June 6, 2004

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Jen ...
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Esperanto is an auxilliary language created over 100 years ago to promote communication, understanding and peace throughout the world

March 2006

In January of 2006 I started working for a huge Global Corporation. One of our client's is Comcast High Speed Internet, and they are the ones I provided service for. My new job title is "Customer Account Executive." The pay is less than I am used to making, but its a good job and I think I have room to advance.

The purpose of this web page is to introduce myself, and to have a lot of fun!

My name is Bradford Lee Lewis; though my birth certificate actually has my name as "Bradfurd Lee Terrell". I go by “Brad” at work, but among family and friends I have always been known by my middle name, “Lee”. My father always called me "Buck" (I never knew why) and there are a handful of people who still call me that. In the community of Star Trek fans, I am well known by my Klingon name of "K'Pach". I am also affectionately know by a few as "Shaman," (but please note that I am NOT a Shaman and no disrespect to this respected title is intended).

I have been attempting to write an autobiography of my life, but this is a short synopsis. I was born in a small town called Waelder, Texas, USA. My mother was of Irish and Cherokee heritage. I was raised by her and my step-father who was also of Cherokee & Irish ancestry (an some French). I consider him to be my father, but I later learned that my bio-father was also Cherokee & Irish (with some French-Canadian and Pawnee ancestry). I was most influenced by my Cherokee heritage and invite you to visit my Tsalagi site to learn more about this aspect of my heritage.

We were a financially poor family, but I felt I had a colorful and rich childhood in many ways. We traveled a lot. Between the time I was born and age 5, we lived in many places, including Kansas, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington and Texas. We moved to California when I was 5. In 1969, at age 11, we moved to Texas. Then at age 13 to Washington state. At age 17 my parents separated and we moved to Oklahoma. I left home immediately upon arriving to Oklahoma and turned 18 living on the streets of Houston.

Later that year I traveled back to Washington state where I enlisted in the US Navy. I went to bootcamp in San Diego, California, and attend Yeoman "A" School in Meridian, Mississippi. In August of 1976 I was stationed at the Naval Nuclear Power School in Orlando, Florida.

I lived in Central Florida for the next 24 years where, after leaving the Navy, I worked for Orange County Florida for over 4 years and then for the City of Orlando for 15 years.

In June of 2000 at the age of 42 my life, my life had taken some unfortunate twists and turns and I found myself starting over nearly from scratch. With my dog, Kira, I moved to stay with some friends in St. Louis, Missouri.

From July 5, 2001 until August 26, 2003, we lived in a nice but small apartment on the 23rd floor of a high-rise apartment building in Downtown Saint Louis called "The Gentry's Landing," We were just next door to the famous Gateway Arch. I really loved it. It was close to many interesting places, there was a fitness center downstairs, a large laundry room, a pool on top of the building, A dry sauna, decent security and much more.
Gentry's landing with 2 Kira's and Terry's window is hilited
My brother moved in with me in September 2001... and the following December his cat, Barnabas, joined us. It was a bit crowded, which is why we finally moved.
On the left, you see the Mississippi River, with Illinois in the background. The Gateway Arch is just a short walk from my place
Panoramic photo by Lee Lewis
In the Center is The Mansion House, our neighboring apartment high-rise. To the right and looking South, is a portion of downtown St. Louis.
Photo taken by Lee Lewis of Gentry's Landing from the Arch Grounds Please visit my various web pages if you think they might interest you. Some of my areas of interest are Science Fiction (especially the Star Trek/Klingon realm), roller skating, Esperanto and other languages, my dog (Kira), and other things as I think of them. I talk about my very traumatic "car wreck" and I am working on my Autobiography. I also keep my diary and journal on-line for all to see (but not always in a language you will know!!).

Scenes from my life
Panoramic view of Gentry's Landing on the Promenade

NOTE: We (my brother and I) moved from Gentry's Landing in August of 2003. We are now living in Cahokia, Illinois. I am still trying to come up with a new idea for my new web page. Meanwhile, please enjoy my page as it is/was. Most of the information is (or was) correct, and is still more or less accurate (except for where I am living). See my JOURNAL pages starting with August of 2003 if you are interested in on-going details (I have not missed a daily entry in about SIX years!).



Some of my Navy Plaques The pool at Gentry's Landing with the Gateway Arch in the background My brother, Skip, and some of my various certificates My best friend who I call "brother" ... Jack LaPlante Me with a dorky expresion on my face! Me (Lee) after a River Cruise One of my best friends since 1978, Chuck Welsh My dog, Kira - age 9